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Wool with 3/4 sleeve

Wool coat
Wool is a traditional material for tailoring a coat. Most often, for the production of felted wool, goat, sheep, camel and some other types of wool are used. Coats made of felted wool, however, like the felted wool itself, have a number of advantages, in comparison with other materials.
 Ten reasons to buy a coat of wool:
 1. A coat of wool is considered one of the most environmentally friendly types of outerwear.
 2. Traditionally, wool has excellent thermal insulation properties. Therefore, a woolen coat will warm you in the most inclement frosts, protect you from the wind.
 3. High wear resistance. It is no coincidence that it is from this material that army overcoats for the military are made.
 4. Wool is considered to be hypoallergenic material, which allows recommending a coat of wool to people sensitive to such irritants.
 5. The cost of a woolen coat depends on the type of wool used, as well as the method of sewing: manual or industrial, style, accessories used and much more, but in any case, it is much lower than the cost of fur products for a similar purpose.
 6. Due to its properties, the felted wool from which your coat is made does not wrinkle and has the remarkable ability to smooth itself if you let the product hang on the hanger for a certain time.
 7. Woolen things have the ability to stretch, which is sometimes an undeniable plus.
 8. A coat of wool does not hold long odors.
 9. With proper care, a coat of wool can last you quite a long time, especially if quality wool was used for its manufacture.
 10. And finally, the most important thing: a coat of wool, adds to your style exactly the highlight that only people with poor eyesight will not notice.
 Specialists working in the Faraon chain of stores will be happy to help you find the perfect wool coat!

Features of sleeve with 3/4 lenght

The sleeves are 3/4 length to close the hand up to mid forearm. For those who were not taught anatomy, the forearm refers to the part of the hand that is located between the elbow and wrist. This length of sleeve designers specially designed in order to be able to hide the fullness of hands, leaving visible only a delicate brushes.



Women wool coat

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