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Women down-padded coat

If you live in Ukraine, you probably know the capriciousness of our winters. Ukrainian winters can be warm and humid and may be at -30 lower the thermometers. Ideally, for every 10 degree temperature drop, buy buy winter clothes, but you can just buy the Park, she's down. In it the main thing? - a heater! It can be natural and maybe synthetic. Requirements for the heater: it needs to keep heat well, not cake, not wet, air-permeable, well tolerated wash/clean, non-allergenic, not be the food for parasites and micro-organisms, not to wrinkle during prolonged contraction. Currently, all these requirements are fully satisfied it is a synthetic insulation manufactured from polyester fibres: hollofayber, Thinsulate, etc. Fibertec Down with any of these heaters, will not give you to freeze the most severe Ukrainian winter.

Now that we know that freezing does not threaten us, you can attend to the style of the jacket, length, presence of a hood, color, presence of pockets, kulisek and much more that will make You irresistible in the eyes of others, especially men. Here without a fitting women's jacket will not do. Some of the jackets you will have a sports-romantic, some will highlight Your femininity and gravity, some "lose 10 years" off your shoulders. Until you measure your jacket - don't recognize!

How can you determine that it is "Your" jacket? - easy! You, after fitting, do not want to take it off. But when you buy "your" women's down jacket and fun to go through it all winter, on the threshold of spring, You will experience a real discomfort from having to part with his parkay almost 9 months! However, we will be able to help You and then recommending a solid range of winter women's clothing, but that's another story, but for now, prepare for winter, we choose "a" women's down jacket!



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