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Waistcoat title

Fur Waistcoat have a unique outerwear for all occasions, under any wardrobe. The waistcoat will always help you, it is always relevant

Criteria for Selection of Waistcoat:

Criterion 1 - Fur and dressing

Fur Waistcoat is not only a way to decorate themselves, but also to keep warm. Therefore, when choosing vests must first determine what kind of fur You want. Today very trendy are raccoon, mink vests and vests from Fox. Raccoon and Fox - long furs, and the mink is less fuzzy, all the same heat. Pay attention to the texture density of the fur.

Criterion 2 - Style

Baggy and the fleecy vests suitable for girls slender. Girls with nice thighs very suitable vests with a belt, they focus on the waist and hips. But women with large Breasts should abandon baggy and the fleecy jackets. But smooth fur and a long vest will only make a woman slimmer.

Thinsulate is one of the best types of insulation is the top winter clothes are slowly but surely displacing natural insulation. Also, You can hear such names as hollofayber, fiberskyn, polyfiber, Fibertec and many others. Actually it all, with very few exceptions, materials based on polyester fibers. The difference between them lies mainly in the method of laying these fibres. They should not wrinkle after washing to make the previous state and the volume to be completely hypoallergenic, allowing the body to "breathe", i.e. to be a complete analogue of the natural insulation, which is used as the down waterfowl.





Mink Fur

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