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Silver Fox Fur unbutton

Fur of silver fox
The silver fox, it’s a silver-black fox, it’s a silver fox, is the mutant heiress of the wild Canadian fox.  Historically, because of their unusual beauty and high qualities of fur, the price for them was extremely high and this prompted businessmen from different countries to rapidly deploy fox farm animals around the world and start breeding work on them.  The first, and then the Second World War brought down consumer demand for silver fox fur, reduced their world production.  But at that time a large number of fox breeds had already been bred, with various fur colors, sizes and quality of hides.
What good is the fur of a silver-black fox.  First of all, it is its beauty and unusualness.  At the base of the hair has a gray color, in the middle is white and the tip of the hair is always black.  At the same time, the fur has a dense subpush, which allows the fur to retain body heat well.  Also, silver fox fur is very durable.  Products made of silver-black fox can be worn quite well up to 10 seasons, and more if properly cared for.
In addition, designers are very respected by silver fox, it turned out that when dyed, the white part of the hair absorbs dye well, while the black ending remains black.  This property allows you to get fantastic shades of fur.
Warm, fluffy, affectionate fur of the silver fox will not leave indifferent any lady who tried on a product from this fur.  It always has been, and it will be so as long as there are real silver fox and real women on Earth!  And we, the Faraon chain of stores, can arrange this meeting for you, which will delight you and your loved ones the next 10 years!

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Silver Fox Fur

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