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Silver Fox Fur

The fur of silver foxes


Silver Fox, she's a silver-black Fox, she's a Fox — mutant heiress wild canadian foxes. Historically, because of its unusual beauty and high qualities of fur, the price was prohibitively high and this encouraged entrepreneurs from different countries to rapidly deploy worldwide Fox fur farms and start them breeding. The first, and then World war II hit demand for the fur of the silver Fox, lowered their world production. But at that time it was already withdrawn a large number of breeds foxes with different colors of fur, size and quality of the skins.

What good fur is silver-black foxes. First and foremost is its beauty and singularity. At the base of the hair has a gray color, the middle white and the tip of a hair is always black. The fur has a thick podpushek that allows the fur retains heat of the body. The Fox fur is characterized by great wear resistance. Products of silver-black foxes are quite well worn for up to 10 seasons, and with proper care and more.

In addition, the fur of the Fox is highly respected by the designers, was that the color, the white part of the hair absorbs the dye, while the black finish and remains black. This property enables you to obtain fantastic shades of fur.

Warm, fluffy, soft fur of the Fox will not leave indifferent any lady to try on the product of this fur. It has always been, and so it will be as long as on Earth there are real silver and real women! We're a network of shops "Pharaoh", we can arrange this meeting, which will delight You and Your loved ones the next 10 years!



Silver Fox Fur

Down-padded coat

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