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Short coat

Features short leather sheepskin

Shearling jackets are perfect for business and casual style, especially if combined with pants. Usually short sheepskin is not the most practical option winter clothing, but you will look stylish and fashionable. Short jackets coats well emphasize the harmony of the female figure, creating a kind of charm that can be used for imaging in sports and romantic style. At the same time, they are quite good at their main task - to prevent freezing your mistress. Of course, to save from the cold, this coat will be only what "reach" their fur. If You are in the winter spend a lot of time behind the wheel of his car - these clothes are for You!

Materials. used for sewing coats

Short coats-jackets often are made from genuine sheepskin and have a short or sheared fur. The outer side of the short leather coats, in addition to the beautiful finishes, as a rule has a number of impregnation, which protects the jacket against moisture and low temperatures, and other adverse factors. Moreover, such a sheepskin is very easy and does not take up much space, it can be elegant to wear on the shoulder in case of sudden warming or to fit in a small bag.

Models short sheepskin

Popular among young people short-sheepskin-leather jackets (leather jackets), hem and sleeves which can be decorated with fur and short coats in Aviator style (sheepskin Aviator). In any case, whatever model You chose, the main thing is that sheepskin You should approach! Be the right size, length and comfort, it should complement Your weights, emphasizing the beauty and uniqueness!

The choice of short leather sheepskin

The choice of top winter clothes name is always difficult. In our shops employ professionals with years of experience who can not only advise on all your questions, but suggest what models short sheepskin You'll look amazing! On our website you will find all of our contact information, including the possibility of buying through the Internet.



Sheepskin coat

Short sheepskin jackets

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