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Обрані фільтри:  Color: brown Обрані категорії:  Sheepskin coat

Sheepskin coat brown color

Sheepskin coats
As a rule, sheepskin coats are made from the skin of sheep.  The fur in sheepskin coats is located inside.These are beautiful, stylish and very warm clothes.Tuscan sheepskin coats made from the skins of Tuscan fine-fleece sheep are especially popular.


Brown has 195 colors in the palette Pantone. Associative symptoms of this color are more often found in subjects such as coffee, rye bread, the bark of trees. Shades of brown gives confidence, strengthens human life position. Those who choose brown, there is a thirst for a simple and clean way of life. This is a solid and strong person, maybe a little slow, but thorough and neat, accustomed to finish the begun business.


Sheepskin coat

Short sheepskin jackets

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