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Fur vest raccoon

The vest itself is of value, and in combination with other models of women's clothing can create a new and unexpected way for its owner. If the vest is made of raccoon fur, You will get more positive emotions from her socks. And not only that, this vest will warm You and will give an elegant look. The fur is warm and fluffy, has a long axis, a very light and fluffy, it's just a nice touch. Besides all that, the raccoon fur is highly resistant to wear and tear. This circumstance makes it more expensive in comparison with the Fox fur that he bears a resemblance.

Fur vest raccoon will be well worn for several seasons without losing its appearance, however, You will need some grooming.

At home it is best to use a comb with hard metal teeth, which wear cotton wool for protection of the valuable fur from accidental damage. Gently visivite clumps of matted fur, untangling the fibers without the use of brute force. To pile dealt and it's easier to remove accumulated dust, fur slightly wet with water from a spray bottle.

If the fur was seriously damaged from dyes, it is better not to risk and hand over the vest to a specialized dry cleaner.

In any case, fur vest raccoon for many years can improve not only Your mood from her socks, but also to raise self-esteem! The main thing is to find a model of this vest, its size and style. And this will help our specialists chain stores "Pharaoh", not one year already working on this. All contact details You can find on our website. Call, come, we are always waiting for You and You are always welcome!

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