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Rabbit furs

Features fur coats rabbit fur

Information is useful when choosing a fur coat made of rabbit.

Performance rabbit fur

Rabbit fur is pretty warm as sheepskin or mink. But, it should be noted that rabbit fur refers to short-lived types of fur. The average time socks rabbit fur sostavljaet 2 seasons and is heavily dependent on tanning skins, environments, socks and care. Dyed fur wear faster than natural. Haircut long-pile fur increases the wear by approximately one season. It should be noted that the rabbit fur is very soft, has Shine, some sort of furs, in particular, breeds of "Rex", something similar to plush.

Compare prices on fur coats from rabbit fur with other

Fur coats from fur of the rabbit are characterized by reasonable price and wear time of the product. Rabbit fur, affordable and accessible. The price depends on the model and almost two times cheaper than mink fur. This makes clothing made from rabbit fur and demokratycznej very common, especially among children's models. Children grow quickly and a short time socks of the fur of the rabbit is not here any problems.

Trends in outerwear rabbit fur

Nowadays, almost all models of fur coats from rabbit fur cut and paint. Thanks to technology, rabbit fur can have a great resemblance in structure and coloration with the chinchilla. This fact is sometimes used by unscrupulous sellers, offering to buy, for example "in stock" suspiciously cheap "chinchilla coat"



Rabbit furs

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