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Pants Fur vest piece

Recently, vests faux-fur, they are sleeveless jackets that are in great demand among the fair sex. Particularly popular this clothing causes young people, do not get tired to invent new combinations of socks fur vests other outerwear. In the cold winter wear them over your coat or leather jacket — warm, beautiful, unusual. In autumn and spring, depending on temperature, vests look great on a jacket, a dress with long sleeves. In warmer time, you can wear an open blouse or dress with short sleeves.

Many ladies don't think of their exit into the street without familiar and so comfortable vests in any weather, when the thermometer does not rise above 15 degrees. For such fans this women's clothing, vests produced transformers, which, using the zip to fasten the sleeves and the hood. This is a truly all-weather clothing for latitudes of Ukraine, except for those rare winter occasions, when the temperature drops below -15 degrees Celsius.

A small value of fur faux fur vests, combined with high consumer qualities, makes this garment very accessible for wide sections of the population. If You have never worn such a vest and skeptical about the tank tops as a "class", just go to us or any other store that sells clothes and try any vest. In our shops, professionals will help You choose a vest that corresponds to your height, size, fullness, color of eyes and state of mind. This purchase will lift Your spirits, warm, create mental and physical comfort.

If Your village is not our affiliate, contact us by any convenient way for You, and we, after discussing all the issues, will send Your vest "New mail".



Fur vest piece

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