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Overcoat title

The coat is female, demi-season, winter
 People have been wearing coats for over 150 years. The coat had many names: “Spencer”, “Carrick”, “Chesterfield”, “Taglioni”, “Ulster”, “Pompadour”, “Lalla Rook”, “Carpet”, “Duffle” and many others. Many styles have changed the coat: one- and double-breasted, with a strap and without, a coat with a hood and without a hood, long and short.  Different styles, different coat cuts.  Such a long historical path the coat went to our meeting with him in the chain of stores "Pharaoh". Of course, we can not boast of the styles of coats of the last century, but you can quite find in our country modern models of women's coats made of wool.  They will not be ashamed to put on any publication.  You will be warm and comfortable in our coats in case of the usual Kiev winter.  And in the offseason it is an excellent choice for women and girls who want to emphasize their individuality and sense of style.  If you buy a women's woolen coat, you will once again confirm your good taste and will stand out from your friends and girlfriends with a modern embodiment of the classic!
We invite everyone who likes a coat, who loves and knows how to wear it, to our stores. Our experts will help you to make the choice, if necessary, they can help you choose a women's coat.  If your branch does not yet have our branch, we will gladly send your purchase in a way convenient for you.

The style of clothing, "the bat" appeared in European fashion in the 40-ies, but the real boom came in the mid 80-ies of the last century. The name of the style was due to the cut of the sleeves, resembling the flapping wings of a bat. The similarity manifests itself in the movement of hands. It is believed that designers on this finding prompted the traditional Japanese kimono.

Beautiful and comfortable model "bat" is quite relevant today, judging from the collections of leading designers in the world. And it's not an accident or a whim of fashion, the style hides some figure flaws and successfully emphasises dignity.



Women wool coat

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