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Wool grey

Wool coat

Dried wool, the traditional material for coats. Most often for the production of felted wool, using goat, sheep, camel and some other types of wool.

Coat of wool, however, as the felted wool, some have a number of advantages compared to other materials. Here are ten reasons to buy a wool coat:

  1. Coats made of wool is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly types of clothing.

  2. Traditionally, wool has excellent insulating qualities. Therefore, the wool coat will warm You in the rainy cold, protect from wind.

  3. High wear resistance. Not coincidentally, this material makes an army uniform for officers and soldiers.

  4. Wool is considered hypoallergenic material, which allows us to recommend a coat from the wool people sensitive to such stimuli.

  5. The cost of a wool coat depends on the type of wool used and the method of sewing: hand or production, style, use of accessories and many others, but in any case, it is much lower than the cost of fur products of similar purpose.

  6. Because of their properties, felted wool which is made from Your coat, not crushed and has excellent self-smoothing, if you give the product to hang on a hanger a certain time.

  7. Wool garments have the ability to stretch that sometimes is irresistible.

  8. Coat made of wool not holding it in long odors.

  9. With proper care, a wool coat will last You quite a long time, especially if its production was used high quality wool.

  10. And finally the most important: wool coat, adds to Your style exactly the highlight of which will notice only the people suffering from eye diseases.

Fortunately, all professionals working in the "Faraon", have very healthy eyes, have a lot of experience and good style. Their motto is "We are responsible for the appearance of those wearing!". Visit us, write, call - we will help You to meet with Your wool coat!

Grey, in all its many shades, is a stylish and at the same time low-key color clothing. Quite a lot of mechs have this color, very common in nature. Vests, coats, jackets, parkas grey make up almost half of all colors outerwear found on the streets of European cities in the winter time. If You choose to buy jacket or coat grey, You will not regret your choice.



Momen wool coat

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