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Mink Furs

Features of mink coats

When choosing a mink coat, we recommend that you pay attention to the following points.
 Fur coat length
 The most optimal length of the classic model of a mink coat is 110 cm. Such fur coats are very popular among middle-aged women.  There are also models shorter (from 60 cm to 80 cm) - a jacket, a short fur coat, sometimes also called "auto-lady".  Long models of fur coats (up to 130 cm) are selected so that the fur coat is from the “knee” to the “middle of the calf”.  Such models sew flared, which is why there are a lot of fur at the bottom of the fur coat.
 Collar or hood
 Mink coats come with collars of the following types:
 The stand is an emergency, a small collar that does not lie on your shoulders, but rather stands around your neck.  Commonly used in sporty models and jackets.
 Apache is a turn-down collar, in shape resembles a round one, which, as it were, goes into the floors.  The classic collar gives the coat a femininity and beauty.
 Round - an ordinary classic round collar, turn-down.  Gives a fur coat femininity and softness.
 English is a classic collar, most often used in sports models, resembles a jacket lapel in shape.  It gives the coat a grace and its owner lightness, sportiness, youth and at the same time severity.
 Hoods in mink coats are classic, with lapels (“with ears”) turning into a collar.  Having a fur coat with a hood, a headdress is practically not required.  It should be noted that a lot of fur is spent on the hood, because of which the fur coat automatically becomes more expensive by $ 300-500.
 Belt or drawstring
 A drawstring is a lace stretched from the bottom of a fur coat or along the waist, which can be tightened if necessary and thereby changed the model itself.  Thanks to the clamping mechanism, it fixes the tightening.  A drawstring at the waist allows you to emphasize the waist, hips.
 The belt can be leather, fur, combined.



Mink Furs

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