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Mink Fur with 3/4 sleeve

Mink fur
People began to use mink fur for making clothes from the 18th century. Then the first farms for breeding these animals appeared in North America and Scandinavia. Since then, mink fur, repeatedly praised by the best model houses in the world, is confidently conquering the world through women's hearts.
In the 20th century, the demand for mink fur soared and fell several times. But the main thing that this century has given us is the new technology for skinning in general and mink in particular.  Modern products from mink fur not only will not leave you indifferent to your appearance, but also have a significant period of operation - up to 20 years with proper wear and care. Only sable fur is worn longer. At the same time, mink fur, which has a significant undercoat, makes the product very, very warm.
All of the above, led to the fact that the product of mink fur can not be cheap. Sometimes, unscrupulous sellers try to give unsuspecting buyers a “cheap mink” under the guise of a sale or a stock. Be careful, most likely they are just trying to trick you. Such products are best bought from reputable sellers who value their reputation, working for many years with such products.
Specialists of the Faraon chain of stores will help you navigate with the purchase of mink fur products, select the style, size, and tell about the storage and care of clothing made from natural fur

Features of sleeve with 3/4 lenght

The sleeves are 3/4 length to close the hand up to mid forearm. For those who were not taught anatomy, the forearm refers to the part of the hand that is located between the elbow and wrist. This length of sleeve designers specially designed in order to be able to hide the fullness of hands, leaving visible only a delicate brushes.



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