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Mink Fur

Mink fur

Mink fur for the manufacture of clothing, people began to use since the 18th century. Then there were the first farm for breeding of these animals in North America and Scandinavia. Since then, mink fur, repeatedly sung by the best modeling houses of the world, confidently conquering the world through women's hearts.

In the 20th century the demand for mink fur several times flew up and fell. But the main thing that gave us this age of new technology currying in General, and mink in particular. Modern products made of mink fur, not only will not leave You indifferent to their appearance, but also have a considerable period of operation — up to 20 years with proper wear and care. Longer just worn the fur of a sable. The mink fur with significant undercoat, which is very, very warm.

All vegascasino, led to the fact that the product is made of mink fur can not be cheap. Sometimes, unscrupulous sellers are trying to foist off on unsuspecting purchasers of "cheap mink" under the guise of sales or promotions. Be btitannia, chances are You just trying to cheat. Such products it is best to buy from reputable sellers who value their reputation, working for many years with such products.

Experts of the network of stores "Pharaoh", to help You navigate the purchase of products from fur of a mink, pick the style, size, talk about storage and care of clothes of natural fur



Mink Furs


Mink Fur

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