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Men down-padded coat meta title

Features of men's down jackets
The first criterion that men put forward to down jackets is convenience!  It should be comfortable to carry, do work, and sometimes run.  That is, the comfort of men's down jackets is the main thing.  So, it should also be warm.  This is also a comfort - a parameter that is important for winter down jackets.  If you choose the right down jacket style, length, color, then we can safely say that nothing can decorate a man in winter like a man's down jacket!  In such men's down jackets there are always pockets, sometimes there are a lot of them, which allows you to unload your hands.  As a rule, in most male models of down jackets there is a hood in case of precipitation, a sharp wind, and even a prying eyes).

 My down jacket is my fortress!
 Rain or wet snow is not able to soak modern men's down jackets, even if the top of the down jacket is textile.  There are models of men's down jackets for those who spend a lot of time in the winter in the cold.  There are down jackets for drivers.  There are down jackets for students and professors, there are jackets for all occasions for all men who go outside in winter.

 Down jackets for everyone
 To date, the men's down jacket is the most popular and democratic winter outerwear.  The down jacket has already become a lifestyle, the norm of our days.  Every year, more and more technologies are being improved, more and more new materials are appearing, insulation materials are being improved.  Down jackets almost do not get wet and easily restore their original appearance after washing.  The variety of styles and sizes of down jackets allows men almost from birth to be stylish, warm and fashionable!  This is what our network of exclusive clothing stores is guided by, choosing for you the most successful models of modern men's down jackets, giving you the opportunity to choose the right model for any male figure.

 Buy a men's down jacket in Kiev in a chain of stores of fur and leather "FARAON"
 To all who have come to renew their winter outerwear this season, we wish you success in this important matter.  In case you want to buy a down jacket from us, we assure that our experts will select the most successful and inexpensive model for your needs.  For those who do not have our branches in the city, we advise you to use the services of our online store and get your down jacket in the nearest office convenient for the postal service.  All styles of down jackets are on our website indicating sizes, features and prices.

 We love, value our customers and really value your trust!


Pritalennye style outerwear looks very impressive on the slim and tall girls. This style can include a belt, but maybe not. In the second case, the variant of absence process with the removed belt.


Down-padded coat

Men's down coat

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