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Skin substitute straight sewing (classic)

Jackets leatherette
First there was dermantine. Book covers, upholstery, and clothing items were also made from it. This holiday lasted until the 50-60s. Then came the era of polyvinyl chloride.  Just say the word "chloride" and you will understand why this material, which also inherited the name "dermantine", rests in the dustbin of history.
What has now replaced these antique materials is called “artificial leather” or “eco leather”. Everything is both simple and very complicated at the same time. A polyurethane film is applied to the cotton fabric. The technology has been worked out so that the fabric does not deform, polyurethane, which is a chemically neutral substance, can "breathe" through special holes, that is, it has all the qualities of genuine leather. The only thing is that it does not withstand severe frosts, below -35 degrees Celsius, which in Ukraine does not exist.  It also has the ability to "self-medicate" - eliminates damage caused by severe deformation. And why actually eco?  Because during operation this material does not emit any substances.
So it turns out that jackets made of this modern and high-tech material are almost no different from genuine leather jackets. Neither in appearance nor in consumer qualities.  But there is one serious difference. This is a price that is much lower than genuine leather jackets.
The era of dermantine was replaced by the era of eco-leather, with all its advantages and high technologies that do not stand still. So there’s no reason for you to stand still when in the Faraon chain of stores there is a good selection of wonderful jackets made of modern eco-leather, which is in no way inferior to the same genuine leather jackets. If you come to us, our experts will tell you everything, show you, and let you measure. If you go far or too lazy - just buy through the site. The jacket will come by "New" or old mail, as you prefer.

Unlike bell, butterfly, trapezoid, straight sewing is considered a classic style. The simple elegance of the styles straight tailoring are well suited to public people, their formal and does not allow mysli about any other relationship except purely business. At the same time, more modern styles, manufacturing techniques, furniture and decoration, does not give rise to associations of direct tailoring of our days with any counterparts of old times.



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