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Leather jacket , bilateral

Criteria for choosing leather jackets
 A leather jacket or raincoat has always been and will always be appropriate, regardless of the trend of the year.  This is a thing that will always protect from wind, rain.  And besides, it is fashionable, stylish and practical, both in spring and autumn.  Another thing is the selection criteria for leather products.  Since such a thing is quite an expensive purchase and is not bought every season, you need to thoroughly approach the various options for leather jackets.  Mink.com.ua wants to provide several recommendations for choosing leather products.
Criterion 1: Dressing and softness.
With a very good dressing, high-quality skin very quickly carries out heat exchange with human skin.  Touching a leather product, its temperature should equal the temperature of your body.  If this does not happen, then the skin is probably not made from natural materials.
Criterion 2: The quality of the seams and fittings.
If the seams are even, perfect, there are no missing loops and curved ribbons, and the fittings do not come off, then this indicates a quality product.
Criterion 3: Color.
The color of the product plays a special role.  If the jacket does not dye, leaves no residue on your clothes, and if it gets under water, the paint does not flow - this is a good sign.

Criterion 4: Skin type.
 Common skin types are: calf, pork, sheep and bull skin.  The skin of the bull is very dense and strong.  Its wear resistance is the greatest, from five years or more.  It will last a very long time.  Models of such leather are mainly sewn for men.  Such skin is warm from the beginning without any warming.  Calf skin is best suited for the winter version, especially when there is a combination of fur and leather.  Such leather also belongs to wear-resistant products.  Lamb leather is a common leather in modern products.  The fact is that such skin can be made to such an extent that it will be thinner than silk.  Such things, as a rule, very emphasize the figure.  They are especially recommended for women with curvaceous forms.  Where you want to hide flaws, and where you need - beautiful forms are emphasized.  Products from a very fine dressing are worn much less than seasons, their wear resistance is low.  Pork skin is also very warm.  It is least likely to work out.  In appearance, such skin is rough and thick, but wear resistance up to 10 years.
Criterion 5. Suede leather.
This is a separate criterion, because it is performed from different types of skin by a special treatment.  Since suede leather is popular today, you need to focus on some points.  Suede leather always has pores and scratches.  If you slide your finger over it, then leave a trail of a different shade.  The color of natural suede in nature does not have a uniform shade.  Natural suede with a natural finish is never cheap.  And finally, natural suede always has a subtle skin odor.

Criterion 6: Style.
If the technical characteristics are clear, then the style of this issue is purely individual.  Based on your figure, you can choose: short leather jackets, leather cardigans, leather jackets with ¾ sleeve, etc.  The largest variety is observed among short leather jackets.  They come with a straight clasp and a scythe.  Recently, a slanting clasp with a rocker style has become very popular among young people.  Short leather jackets are suitable for slim girls and guys.  And in some prominent manufacturers, there are styles that fall on people with curvaceous.  A short leather jacket is comfortable if you are a driver.  Such a product will never hesitate and will serve you for a long time.  Pay attention to the color scheme of these products.  Today, trendy green, blue and yellow.  The classic remains black and noble brown.  Leather cardigans are a separate issue that is gaining momentum this year.  This is a trend hit today.  The New York fashion show showed that prominent designers focused on leather products to the knee.  They come with either a hood or a slanting clasp.  For every taste and different colors.  Under high ankle boots such a product looks especially elaborate.  Leather jackets with a ¾ sleeve have recently been used even in the summer.  As described earlier, such jackets are made of sheep’s skin as thick as silk, so they are neither warm nor cold.  This is a wonderful cloak for all occasions at any time of the year.  If such a model is made from a different type of leather, then warm crocheted or leather gloves are added to the shortened sleeves in addition.

Bilateral clothing is not the most common. The bilateral clothing is the ability to use it in inside-out condition. Typically, the color of the top is significantly different from the color of the inside, giving others the illusion of two completely different models. From the top of winter clothing mostly in the cut of jackets. Features stitching main zipper pockets and eliminate problems with their use.


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