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Furs with sleeves and a drawstring closure, ballet

Fur Coat Selection
Choosing a fur coat is not easy.  We can recommend some criteria by which this will make it easier.
Criterion 1 - Furs
The maximum wear on the fur of the otter, sable, mink, raccoon, nutria, then astrakhan, muskrat, etc.  Outsiders on this list are rabbit and hare furs.  But the quality of the fur is also affected by the time of year.  If the fur is “winter”, then it will have very dense and thick downfill.  This fur is better.
Criterion 2 - Price
The most expensive furs are sable, mink, raccoon, nutria, otter, then astrakhan, muskrat, etc.  The cheapest can be considered rabbit and hare fur.
Criterion 3 - Models and Fit
Fur coats can be sewn from whole plates of fur, and can be sewn into dissolution.  It is possible to sew a fur coat into a dissolution only under computer control on expensive equipment using "ideal" strips of fur, while it is impossible to remove fur defects on the plates.  Since expensive equipment is necessary for sewing fur coats for dissolution, such fur coats are usually imported.  Fur coats for dissolution are more expensive than from plates.

Outerwears cuffs and drawstring sleeves 

Use drawstring outerwear invented clearly a genius! Drawstring and cuffs are used not only in the sleeves, but the hood, waist and bottom clothing.

The drawstring hood pulls him clutching the edge of the hood to face, maximum closing and insulating the head from the weather. Those who were caught in a Blizzard, even light, in Kiev, he will understand the value of such drawstring.

Drawstring sleeves are designed for warmth, leaving outside only the hands that are easy to cover from bad weather gloves.

Below may be located internal drawstring around the waist. To some extent this function duplicates the drawstring belt allows you to accentuate the waist to create a beautiful image.

And finally, the lower drawstring sewn into the hem of the garment. This button performs 2 functions - it reduces the area of the lower edge of the garment, preventing the penetration of cold wind, frost and gives the garment a barrel or bell.

As a rule, fur coats models "baletka" have a length of 80-100 cm in these models the back is flared, which makes them very similar to the model of "bell", since the lower part and sleeves in the dynamics resemble the wingspan of a butterfly.

"Baletka" you can safely recommend to girls who are not suffering from anorexia. Hiding all unnecessary, "baletka" will make them visually more slender, and of middle-aged ladies younger. This is achieved by some "lightheadedness" and "coquetry" of such models.



Mink Furs

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