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Beaver furs

Fur of the beaver

Fur coat, this is very good, prestigious, warm and elegant. A women's beaver fur coat is just perfect!

Where does the beaver? In the water. So all he, including the skin, this water adapted and it does not afraid. And considering that this is beavers are water animals, which, in contrast to the migratory birds, remain all winter in the same waters produced the fur, which is not only not afraid of water, and even frost. Thus, we make the right conclusion. the coat of the beaver is not afraid of moisture and frost, in any combination. But that's not all! The fur of the beaver very isnotice. Beaver fur coat is quite able to last You 10 or more seasons, not really lost in the appearance and "teleseriala" ability. Described cases 15 summer socks fur of the beaver with the rules of operation and care of the product. In fact, these properties, combined with softness and lightness and make products from beaver fur so valuable. It is believed that the ability to keep body heat from the fur of the beaver is higher than that of mink fur.

When you consider advancements in the field of currying, the ways of their tailoring, designed new models and styles, there remains only one thing - to take urgent to buy a fur coat of beaver, which in space is impossible. What? Fashionable, beautiful, moisture becomes more fluffy, warm, soft, Your fur coat!

We can arrange you a meeting with a fur coat of Your dreams! This is best done in one of our branches, the list of which You can easily find on our website. You will have a choice - no fur! You'll leave us in a beaver fur coat, even in summer! Yes, of course you'll take it off and hang it in your wardrobe, but will look forward to winter and maybe even cold and wet of winter to treat yourself, your loved ones and your coat! Your coat waiting for You, come and enjoy!



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