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Fox Fur

Fox fur

Fox fur is quite long, to 8cm, with a thick and warm poduska. Is considered, products from Fox fur, carry positive energy, adding to his owner self-confidence and unique charm. This fur is very soft and gentle, which will inevitably reflected in the lovely lady wearing this fur. Fox fur creates his own unique style, brings a certain mood, makes us look into the one that he wore in some measure adds charisma.

All of the above fully applies to the vests from Fox fur. Perhaps even to a greater extent than other products from Fox. This is because a fur vest can wonderfully be combined with other items of clothing. Properly selected combinations of dresses, jackets, trousers with a vest of Fox fur can create significantly different from each other in the emotional-esthetic coloration images of lovely ladies.

Term socks of fur foxes may reach 8 seasons, depends on the accuracy of the operation and proper care of fur.

In any case, if Your closet hanging Fox fur vest, she's not "depended", once wearing it, You will not want her long to leave.

But to pick the right size and growth will help our professionals with not only extensive knowledge in these matters, and an impeccable taste impartial arbitrator.



Fox Fur

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