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Fur vest piece

Faux Fur Vest
Recently, faux fur vests, they are sleeveless jackets, are in great demand among the fair sex.  This clothing is especially popular among young people who are not tired of coming up with new combinations of wearing fur vests with other outerwear.  In the cold winter season, they are worn over a coat or leather jacket - warm, beautiful, unusual.  In the autumn-spring periods, depending on the temperature, vests look wonderful on a jacket, dress with long sleeves.  In warmer times, you can wear it wide open on a blouse or dress with short sleeves.
Many fashionistas can no longer imagine going out without the usual and such a comfortable vest in any weather, when the thermometer does not rise above 15 degrees.  For such fans of this women's clothing, transformer vests are available, to which with the help of zippers you can fasten the sleeves and the hood.  This is eastward all-weather clothing for the latitudes of Ukraine, with the exception of those rare winter cases when the temperature drops below -15 degrees Celsius.
The low cost of fur vests made of faux fur, combined with high consumer qualities, makes this clothing very affordable for a very wide population.  If you have never worn such a vest and are skeptical of sleeveless jackets as a “class”, just visit us or any other store selling outerwear and try on some kind of vest.  In the network of our stores, professionals in their field will select a vest for you that matches your height, size, fullness, eye color and state of mind.  Such a purchase will lift your spirits for a long time, warm you up, and create peace of mind and body.
If your locality does not have our branch, contact us in any way convenient for you and we will send your vest in a way convenient for you.




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