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Down-padded coat unbutton

Features winter down jackets
 A winter jacket with a heater not less than the middle of the thigh is called a down jacket, although other names can be used.  As a rule, a down jacket has a hood, pockets, drawstrings, tightening wrists, a waist and a bottom of a jacket.  And of course, insulation must be present.  Of natural materials, goose, swan, eider down is more often used.  From synthetic ones there is a huge selection of names that can be combined with the term “bio-fluff”.  This is the composition of polymer threads laid in heaters in one way or another.  The main task of the insulation is to collect and retain as much air as possible in a given volume with a minimum of its own weight and volume.  It is air that is thermal insulation, and a heater is only a means of holding it.
 At present, synthetic down-padded insulation is more and more confidently replacing artificial insulation from the markets, which is due to the high thermal insulation properties and the absence of allergies to such down-padded insulation in people and lower cost.  The fabrics used for sewing down jackets, as a rule, have water-repellent properties, are quite durable and not easily soiled.
 A huge variety of models, sizes, colors, makes down jackets the most common winter outerwear around the globe.  Under any climate, at any temperature, you can find a down jacket in which it will be not only warm and comfortable, but also beautiful!  These are the models of down jackets you can find in the network of our stores.

Detachable sleeves, fully or partially, have become an integral part of transformers. It is really very easy to change the design of their clothes depending on the weather or other needs. In fact, one model is 2 or more different models. Agree, very practical on cold mornings to leave the house in a parka with a hood, and in the warm afternoon back home in the elegant vest!





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Down-padded coat

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